Wedding and Special Event Cakes

Cake can be the centerpiece of your celebration. It can taste amazing and look stunning. It can be made using fresh, whole, local ingredients and incorporate a layering technique that ensures a moist and exceedingly flavorful cake. Flavor options can be endless and a multi-tiered cake can contain several different flavors. The appearance can suit your exact specifications to match the cake you've always imagined. This is all true at Emmeli's Cake! Contact us today to wow your guests with the appearance and taste of your cake.

Delectable Desserts

Everything at Emmeli's Cake is made using whole and fresh ingredients. You will not find a cake mix or any other shortcut in this shop. Years of testing, training, and practice have gone into the amazing from-scratch recipes you will find at Emmeli's Cake. Popular choices include: cupcakes and cupcakes with mousse centers, cake pops, brownies, cookies of all sorts, truffles, chocolate dipped strawberries, lemon meringue pie, cherry chocolate cheesecake (and dozens of other cheesecake flavors), Tiramisu, Baked Alaska, eclairs and cream puffs; fresh and creamy ice cream in any flavor imaginable. Pricing depends on size and amount and complexity.

The Chef

I (Emmeli - aka Emily) am a mountain-loving Idaho native with a hubby and three middle school and elementary-aged children who also love mountains. I have been driven to be a baker my entire life for many different reasons over the decades, but a passion for perfection has always persisted. I am inspired by the world of beautiful desserts and am constantly amazed at how a few pure and simple ingredients can come together to make such an amazing variety of delicious things.
I have been a professional pastry chef in Boise since 1998 (with a small hiatus to stay at home with my children when they were babes). Some of you long-time Boiseans may remember me as Sweet Things, Inc. which was my business name from 2000 to 2006. I look forward to using my knowledge and expertise to help make your dessert dreams come true.

The Shop

We are located on the Boise Bench at 1545 S Hervey St 83705 (off Overland near Vista). Open by appointment only. Everything is made to order. For the quickest response, email requests and details to
We are fully licensed by The City of Boise and the Central District Health Department.

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